Ben 10 Secret Characters

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Ben 10 Secret Characters

One of the best cartoon channel Cartoon ever since 2003 the Network cartoon channels for you to find the best cartoons on Cartoon Network fans want you to watch. Cartoons among one of the most popular and best hero, now I m a lot of character in the ranks with 10 characters across your screen. It has seen some of the characters in the game and placed in a small place. These pictures you can see the base part of the game. This game has given you a certain period of time. You can switch to other parts of the heroes in the game within the given time finding you. You managed to find a way to fill time in the game if you find all the heroes, the heroes may qualify to move on to other departments. You can use your mouse to find these heroes in our game. You can easily find all the heroes in the game using your mouse. If you find also how much the hero in the game, the more points you ll earn. Find the hero in you you will earn 100 points per person. If you lose -25 points if you click the wrong hero finding heroes in the game.

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